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Confirmation of a Grim Forecast..


People are pointing fingers at some of the ministers and also at the Prime Minister. I am being told that to be a minister one has to be either pro-Ethiopian or related – even distantly– to either President Formaajo or his Prime Minister.

Those three criteria played the main role in the appointment of the new cabinet.

The Minister of the Interior and the minister for constitutional affairs are from Puntland. They are expected to strengthen the various federal states. The creation of the federal states was an Ethiopian idea. The aim is to prevent a strong united Somalia. Both Ethiopia and Kenya fear the revival of a strong united Somalia. The two Puntland ministers – interior and constitution– are there to serve Ethiopian interests. They will work to strengthen the federal states which will compete with the central federal government.

I am told that the interior minister was educated in Addis Abeba. And he sent hundreds of Puntland students to study in Ethiopia. He is an Ethiopian friend, to say the least.

The prime minister is said to be one of the owners of the notorious SOMAOIL AND GAS. He is said to have come to Mogadishu in the same plane that brought Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta for the inauguration of President Formaajo. The Prime Minister is a friend of Norway whose passport he holds. Norway and Kenya are out to steal the Somali sea with its oil reserves.

Poor Somalia had to resort to the International Court of Justice against Kenya. 

A prime minister who is one of the owners of SOMAOIL, a prime minister who is Norwegian, a prime minister who is a close friend of Uhuru Kenyatta (sharing airplanes with him). That is what we have now.

When I look at the Prime Minister, when I look at the pro-Ethiopian ministers in this cabinet, when I look at the Interior and Constitution ministers, I am forced to ask: can all this be explained by mere coincidences? Or is there a definite enemy plan being executed in Somalia?

As they say, too many coincidences almost always point to a plan in progress. Too many coincidences do not just happen. Often such numerous coincidences are engineered by dexterous hands behind the curtain. 

Now, President Famajo is a popular president. He seems patriotic. He was a prime minister in the government of SharifSheikh Ahmed. He was forced to resign then. We all remember that. The people believed that he was kicked out for his patriotism.  His six months in the office gave hope to the Somalia people. That is why the people supported him overwhelmingly.

President Farmajo was thrown to the wolves. He was in the cold for some years. But he made a comeback. He received a hero’s welcome in Mogadishu and other towns. Somalis q of all clans received him with green branches.

Ominously now, all these suspicious things are happening in front of the President’s eyes. Why?
Are we to believe that he is blind to what is happening around him? That is difficult to believe.
How can we explain Farmaajo’s behaviour?

Let me suggest a far-fetched explanation.

Let us say that Ethiopia approached Mr. Farmaajo after he was elected.
Let us suppose that Ethiopia said to him: “nothing gets done in Somalia that I (Ethiopia) do not approve of. I can get you kicked out, just like the last time. But you are a young man and we like you. You know, the last time it was Uganda, not us, that kicked you out. We want to help you be President of Somalia for the next eight years. But you have to be our friend. Do not waste your energy, time and future in a hopeless struggle against our hegemony in Somalia. 

Perhaps Farmaajo saw reason and opted to avoid another cruel kick. He may have decided to kowtow to Ethiopia.

When Ethiopia with thousands of troops in Somalia kicks you out, the people cannot bring you back. You will have their sympathy, but little else. Just as was the case the last time Uganda booted him out.

Just an idle thought. A mere opinion from an old suspicious lawyer. Everyone knows lawyers are suspicious by nature of their very profession. 

I hope I am wrong.

(end of article)


Fast forward to the last days of August 2017.

Farmaajo handed to Ethiopia the Somali veteran and freedom fighter Abdikarin Sheikh Mussa, aka Qalbi Dhagax.

I wish I was wrong in my analysis and forecast of March 2017. Unfortunately, I was far from wrong.  As a matter of fact, I was dead on. Farmaajo has sold his soul to Ethiopia.

Soomaalida  waxaan ku boorrinayaa inay ka hortagaan weerarka Xabashida iyo rejiimka Farmaajo.

10 ku laabo mudug24 xiriir


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