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Senator’s bodyguards kill driver in Somali capital


Bodyguards escorting a senator in Somalia’s newly elected upper house chamber have opened fire on a civilian vehicle in Mogadishu, killing the driver on Friday evening, police said.

The shooting took place at Dabka junction in Mogadishu at around 7:30 p.m. local time, after the security escorts of senator Hussein Ali Hajji during a traffic jam in the area.

Confirming the incident, Lieutenant Mohamed Dahir, a police officer told Radio Shabelle that the security forces have detained the soldier who shot dead the driver and taken to CID custody.

“The police has managed to capture the killer on the spot following the murder of the civilian driver and he is currently being questioned at criminal investigation department (CID),” he said.

Senator Hussein Ali Hajji did comment on the shooting of the driver by his bodyguard.

It is yet unclear why the bodyguards fired into the civilian car, but police said they are investigating the tragic incident in Mogadishu which sent a wave of shock among residents.


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